Primary and secondary crusher for concrete recycling

Double roll crushers from Crush + Size Technology were installed and put into operation in the new, most modern recycling plant in eastern Switzerland.

In the primary crushing stage, large feed pieces of various materials, including heavily reinforced concrete and natural stones, are crushed to a grain size of 250 mm with a DRC 900. This efficiently homogenizes the feed material and feeds it to the secondary stage.

A high-performance DRC 700 roller crusher from Crush + Size also works in the secondary stage. With the DRC 700, the grain is reduced to a final grain size of 0 – 63 mm. The goal when crushing recycling materials is to achieve the greatest possible proportion of valuable grains with as little sand and fines as possible in order to use them in the circular economy for new building materials.

In addition, the roller crusher technology achieves a reliable separation of valuable materials such as steel from concrete. This ensures that the high-quality feed material is recycled as completely as possible.