Crushers for Demanding Applications

High Throughput

10,000 Tons per Hour

High Performance Mining describes an application in which the processing of the material takes place through crushers that allow a throughput of several thousand tons per hour. Hard to very hard materials are crushed in an energy-intensive process under high loads.

The more fine grains are produced in a process step, the more energy has to be used. With a roller crusher from Crush + Size Technology, the crushing takes place very gently, with slowly rotating rollers in order to achieve the target grain size with a small proportion of fines. As a result, the energy requirement is significantly lower than with conventional crusher technologies and wear and tear is low.

The DRC Series

Reliable in High Loads

The DRC series from Crush + Size Technology is a roller crusher that was specially designed for the high demands of high-performance mining. The crushing process works very efficiently due to the innovative crushing tools and the synchronous rotation of the rollers. The input material is fed directly into the roller gap and broken down to the target grain size. Productivity is increased and the energy requirement per ton of processed material is reduced.

The very robust design enables rock and minerals with compressive strengths of up to 300 MPa to be processed in a DRC roll crusher. The drive train is designed both for a constantly high load and for recurring high peak loads. Machine damage caused by foreign bodies is effectively prevented by the hydraulic overload protection.


A Well Thought-Out Design

Compact in Build. Light in Weight.

Due to the significantly lower machine weight in relation to the achievable throughput, the support structure can be built with less effort than with conventional crusher technologies.

The maintenance effort is low due to well thought-out technical solutions. The crushing tool can be changed quickly and long process interruptions are avoided.

Crushing Gently

Slow Rolls Produce Few Fines

The material is crushed in several stages. The task of the primary crushing stage is to crush the larger grain sizes in particular in such a way that they can be transported. This requires a grain size of less than 300 mm to protect the subsequent conveyor belt system from damage. A special feature of the roll crusher from Crush + Size Technology is the large inlet, with which even very large rock sizes can be processed without the crusher clogging and the process being interrupted. Throughputs of up to 10,000 t/h can be achieved here.

The secondary crushing stage takes up the pre-crushed material and, depending on the application, crushes it to a grain size of 0-100 mm or even smaller. The low increase in sand and fines in the secondary stage is particularly striking. This saves energy because sand and fines are avoided. Throughputs of up to 4,000 t/h can be achieved in the secondary crushing stage.

The tertiary crushing stage can be supplemented using SGC technology to efficiently produce further target grain sizes below 22 mm and also to avoid unwanted sand and fines.



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