ACR Asphalt Crusher


Target grain sizes of <80 mm

In practice, the handling of asphalt slabs and slabs poses the the challenge of creating a continuous process in practice. process. The material must be pre-crushed in a time-consuming process before it can be before it can be processed with the crusher.
At the same time, the recycling of asphalt or tar requires gentle and reliable processing methods that guarantee the preservation of the valuable the valuable matrix grains.


With the development of the asphalt crusher, Crush + Size Technology has set itself the challenge of combining the very complex handling handling of milled material, demolition asphalt and asphalt clods with the gentle crushing in a crusher. The aim is to road demolition in its most varied appearances of slab or the road rubble in its various forms of slabs, clods or milled material continuously and with high quality in order to be able to produce a coarse-grained end product that is product that is smaller than 80 mm.


Efficient and gentle crushing technology

Depending on the machine size, edge lengths of up to 1200 mm and thicknesses of 400 mm can be processed quickly. Even with a high volume of asphalt clods, the integrated roller grizzly prevents bridging and ensures that the clods are actively driven towards the primary crusher roller. Thanks to the large projection of its ripper teeth, the clods are broken down directly into coarse fragments and pre-crushed in such a way that they are optimally portioned for the secondary crusher rollers.
If a high proportion of milled material is fed into the machine, most of it is gently processed to the target particle size by the multi-roller sizer beforehand. In this way, the feed material can be processed reliably and simultaneously in its various forms.
The feed material can be fed directly or fed into the machine via a separate feeder. The overall system works in such a way that the material flow is metered and passed on to downstream conveyor units.
The gentle crushing of the reclaimed asphalt by the ACR asphalt crusher results in a final grain size with a minimal increase in fines and sand, so that a maximum recycling rate is achieved because the valuable aggregates are retained.

Efficient on final grain sizes up to 0-8 mm with SGC technology

Our SGC technology is ideal for further gentle crushing of asphalt granulate with a grain size of 0-63/80 mm. Grains from < 8 to < 22 mm can be produced in a single process. Feed grains from 0-63 mm are processed into granulate grains. Depending on the target grain size, coarse chippings with good grain shapes can also be produced. This process is carried out very gently using two rollers and with a minimal increase in fines.


Direct posting possible
Combination of handling and shredding in one appliance.
Gentle shredding
Low fines content, coarse-grained end product
Low dust and noise emissions
Hydraulic gap adjustment and overload protection
Easy maintenance thanks to hydraulic lifting of the top roller
Efficient drive technology
Low energy demand



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Modell Roller
Ø [mm]



Min. Weight
Edge Length



Min. Motor Power
ACR 800
800 1.200 28 900 0-63 250 200
ACR 1000
1.000 1.500 40 1200 0-63 400 300
ACR 1200
1.200 1.800 52 1500 0-63 600 400