Mobile plant efficiently produces valuable grit fractions


The mobile crushing plant from Crush + Size Technology was used to crush natural gravel containing quartz. This was the first time that the operator of the gravel plant used the crushing technology with the double roll crusher from Crush + Size to crush his quartz gravel.

A grain size of 8 – 32 mm was used as feed grain. The target fraction was the grain size 4 – 8 mm, which is scarce in this region and cannot be produced efficiently enough with other crushing technologies.

The advantages of the crushing technology from Crush + Size are that the material can be crushed very efficiently, with the lowest sand content and good grain shape. The crushed material contained a high proportion of the target fraction. The average output was 120 t/h, with the crushing plant showing low energy consumption even with the high throughput.

Overall, the customer was completely satisfied with the use of the double roll crusher.