Double roll Crusher with high throughput for various areas of application


Comminution technology

The focus of a crusher is an efficient comminution technology. The crushing tools are designed so that an economical crushing process is achieved. The following properties are taken into account depending on the application:

  • Defined final grain size with limited maximum grain size
  • Cubic grain shape
  • Low sand and fine content
  • Low wear costs
  • Maintenance-friendly crushing tool exchange system

Drive technology

The roller crushing technology can only work reliably when the drive train provides the necessary torque. The gear systems, which are tailored to the respective requirements, are specially designed for the high shock loads of the crushing plant. In combination with the appropriate coupling technology a powerful, durable and reliable drive unit is supplied.

Overload protection

Unexpected situations are not desired, but they occur repeatedly in a crushing process. These can be caused by foreign bodies entering the crushing chamber, possibly resulting in a machine damage. Using a suitable hydraulic or mechanical overload protection device the crusher is effectively protected against damage.


The machines are designed for crushing processes with high shock loads. The generous dimensioning of all components is an essential basis for the development work.


The crusher is only as powerful as the control system behind it. Through motor control by frequency converter, the crusher is operated at a high performance level. In combination with a hydraulic gap adjustment and a roller reversing operation, the crushing process is ready for any circumstance.

Ease of maintenance

The crushers are developed in such a way that maintenance can be carried out in the shortest possible time with little effort.


By combining the competencies in-house, Crush + Size Technology can respond individually to a wide variety of customer requirements. Applications in the mining industry up to various recycling applications can be served.


The in-house development of crushers and automation as well as a high level of vertical integration in the Bergneustadt plant guarantee the consistently high quality of Crush + Size Technology products.

The quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Years of experience form the basis for the development of crushers.
In the interaction of the core competencies, a reliable and robust machine technology
is achieved.