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Processing clayey soil excavation

The soil excavation was crushed by our DRC double roll crusher from 0-300mm to 0-80mm. At a throughput rate of 300t/h, valuable mineral components were recovered.

RC Concrete Granulate from Railway Sleepers

Whole railway sleepers: In the DRC double roll crusher technology, we perfect the crushing and separation of steel and concrete to produce coarse RC concrete granulate with minimal fine content for reuse.

Founder Matthias explains our innovative technology

Our advanced machines produce recycled concrete aggregates with excellent properties, including optimal removal of foreign materials and reduced fine content.

Concrete Recycling – Producing Aggregates | CST 500

Learn in this video how we use our SGC technology to produce granulate with excellent properties for RC concrete, including optimal exposure of foreign bodies and reduced fines content.

Iron Ore – Trippling the conventinal compressive strength | CST 711
We tested our mobile unit CST 771 with the toothed roll crusher of the DRC series. Magnetite with compressive strengths of up to 300 MPa was to be crushed as a secondary stage from a feed grain size of 0-300 mm to a size of 0-80 mm.
Limestone – Two crushing stages in one machine | CST 711
In this video, we test our mobile unit CST 771 with the toothed roll crusher of the DRC series for limestone with compressive strength of up to 100 MPa. The goal: End grain size of 0-120 mm with minimal fine content!
Gypsum mining – more coarse grain, less fines with our sizer | SZR
This video shows our sizer-technology producing coarse grains in raw gypsum. The special feature of the application is the high compressive strength of up to 250 MPa that our sizer can process.

Mobile roll crusher produces recycled asphalt granulate

In this video, we show you our mobile roll crusher SGC processing reclaimed asphalt with a particle size ranging from 0-100mm to 0-22mm at a throughput of 100t/h.

Double roll crusher endurance test

In this video, we demonstrate how we successfully utilized our double roll crushers in the production of high-quality aggregates from greywacke.

Mobile roll crusher unit recycles concrete | CST 771

This video showcases the concrete recycling process. A double roll crusher with smooth rollers processed impact-crushed 0-45mm material to obtain coarse-grained 0-16mm material.

Crushing gravel 150t/h | CST 771

The video shows our mobile double roll crusher efficiently crushing gravel

Crushing of asphalt with the smooth roller | CST 500

This video shows a test run with the crushing of asphalt in the second crushing stage with a smooth roller.

Crushing of lime stone | CST 500

This video shows a test run of crushing lime stone with a strength of approx. 200 MPa and a performance of 150 t/h.

Crushing hard stone and lime stone | CST 500

Another test run of the CST 500 crushing hard stone with a strength of approx. 300 MPa and limestone with about 200 MPa.

Crushing of greywacke | CST 500

In this video the CST 500 crushes greywacke with a strength of approx. 300 MPa and a performance of 200 t/h.

Crushing of railway sleepers with pre-stressing steel | CST 500

This video shows how the CST 500 crusher crushes railway sleepers with pre-stressing steel. The steel remains are being thrown out laterally and the crushing result of the stone will be thrown out via the front main conveyor belt.

Concrete recycling Reuscher | CST 500

Crushing of concrete with high amount of steel to a granulation of 0/45 (63).

Incineration cinder | CST 500

In the in the incineration cinder the CST 500 works at a high amount of steel and forein body material. In this process, the oversized granulation of less than 400 mm is crushed in order to obtain further reusable material.

Steinexpo 2017 – Twin roller crusher in hard stone | CST 500

Exhibition booth and presentation of the crushing plant on the SteinExpo 2017.

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