Lots of cubical grain for the rotary kiln or shaft furnace

Brechen von Kalkstein | Crushing limestone


For the preparation of limestone to feed the rotary kiln or shaft kiln, it is necessary to achieve a specific grain band. In particular, the very low fines content and the negligible amount of oversize grain of the DRC crusher are of great importance for the energy-efficient treatment of limestone for the firing process in the rotary kiln or shaft furnace.


The gentle crushing process produces only a small proportion of the smaller fractions. For that you get more coarse grains. Decisive for this effect is an especially for this application adapted crushing tool that is tuned for interaction with the opposite crushing roller.

In particular, in the production of cement, where a coarse-grained limestone is needed in the shaft furnace or in the rotary kiln, the process property of coarse-grained crushing of the DRC series is of high importance. This saves costs for investment and maintenance, as well as the energy required to operate another crusher and additional conveyor belts.

Brechen von Kalkstein Crushing limestone
Brechen von Kalkstein Crushing limestone


The mechanical synchronization of the rollers ensures that the cubic grain shape is achieved. Synchronization positions the tools continuously with each other so that the geometric configuration produces a cubic grain shape. Likewise, an efficient feed of the material is achieved.

The hydraulically adjustable crushing gap ensures maximum process control. This allows the required grain sizes to be set efficiently and precisely.


The DRC series is particularly suitable for the efficient crushing of limestone, since the final grain size can be optimally adjusted thanks to the flexible crushing gap regulation. The DRC 900 can be used for primary crushing, where feed grain sizes of up to 1,200 mm are reduced to a final grain size of < 300 mm. In the secondary crushing stage, a DRC 700 is recommended in order to produce coarse-grained grain sizes of < 80 mm or < 120 mm, for example.

The Sizer (SZR) machine series is also equipped with mechanical synchronization of the roller rotation for efficient crushing. This means that it can also be used very effectively in primary and secondary crushing stages if you can do without the special properties of the DRC series (gap adjustment, overload protection).