Processing loamy Excavated Soil that pushes any crushing technology to the limit!

We took the challenge and equipped our DRC series mobile double-roller crusher with a hopper for direct feeding by excavator bucket. Loamy excavated material 0-300mm was to be crushed to 0-80mm as a preliminary stage for wet processing.  

At times there was hardly a stone to be found in the feed material in order to deliberately test the limits of the technology and we also had to learn our lesson from this – without scrapers it becomes difficult above a certain clay content.  

But even so, we are very satisfied with the test! 

We were able to produce a perfect 0-80mm that can be processed perfectly in any wet processing system. At peak throughput, the 1.0 m wide roller achieved over 300 t/h! 
With this technology, valuable mineral components can be recovered from material that would otherwise only go to landfill, which in turn can be used as a first-class building material.

As a test, we even had a 2-deck screening plant connected downstream to test what separation is already possible here.

The great advantage of our roller crusher is, of course, its low clogging tendency. However, we also only produce the smallest possible fines from the minerals contained, for the highest possible recovery and wear is minimal compared to any other crushing technology.

The fact that our crusher does not run down at such throughput rates is due to our in-house drive design, which is not only powerful but also economical in terms of energy consumption. 

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