Concrete recycling – SGC mobile unit deployed in the production of recycled concrete aggregates

SGC technology demonstrates its efficiency in concrete aggregate production:

In November, our mobile plant CST 771, equipped with advanced SGC technology, was once again deployed in the production of 0-16mm recycled concrete aggregates, delivering consistently impressive results.

SGC technology is based on a double roll crusher with smooth rollers, specifically designed for aggregate production. The focus was on processing impact-crushed 0-45mm material to produce coarse-grained 0-16mm aggregates – a challenge we successfully mastered.

The starting material already had a high sand content, but thanks to our SGC technology, we were able to produce a final gradation with high proportions in the desired fractions of 5-16mm. Fines and sand content were only slightly increased. The oversize fraction was negligible, allowing us to operate without a recirculation process, achieving a throughput of 100 tons per hour.

SGC technology stands for:

  • Low production of fines and sand content
  • Cubic particle shape with excellent static properties
  • Production of a sieve line that is close to ideal for concrete aggregates
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low wear

We are convinced that this technology represents a significant advancement in concrete recycling and beyond. Experience the performance of our SGC technology for yourself.

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