The sleeper crusher – roller crushing technology redefined  

High-quality secondary building materials made from recycled railroad sleepers

A project that has been with us for years: The crushing of entire railroad sleepers with our DRC series double-roller crusher. But not just simply breaking the sleepers, but the perfect separation of steel and concrete and the production of a coarse-grained RC concrete granulate with the lowest fines content for reuse.  

We have now simulated this for an interested customer in a test run with our mobile plant and do not want to withhold the pictures from you. In the test, different types of halved railroad sleepers were crushed to a target grain size of 0-80 mm (halved, as the outlet of our crusher is not designed for whole sleepers). We are absolutely convinced of the result and consider the DRC series, with its hydraulic gap adjustment and overload protection, to be the perfect sleeper crusher. But see for yourself. 
The question of whether the prestressing steel does not wrap around the rollers is discussed time and again. As became clear in the test, we are not aware of this problem. This is due to the design of the crushing tools and the slow rotation of the rollers.  If the crusher does get stuck, it is equipped with an automated reversing mode that eliminates the overload situation without much delay, as shown in minute 0:52.  

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