Patent Applications

Protection rights have been registered for technical inventions including a high amount of innovation. Especially the tooth-hollow-principle for the crush-roll geometry represents one of the decisive technological innovations of Crush + Size Technology.
The modern crushing roll geometry offers a crushing ratio going beyond the ratio of typical crushers like jaw crusher, cone crusher or even impact crusher. With this innovation it is possible to obtain the final grain size with one crushing stage. With common technology this might only be achieved using two or even three crushing stages.

A CST crusher provides a two-step crushing in one machine. The feed material is crushed in a preliminary stage until a grain size is achieved that can be taken up by the calibration step of the sizing stage and be crushed to the target grain size.

The crushing roll geometry ensures an aggressive retraction of the feed material. This means that the resting time of the crushing material on the rolls is very short. Wear is reduced, performance is increased and dust is reduced to a minimum.

Primary and secondary crushing done with one machine, the plus for your process. 


Thanks to the considerably increased crushing ratio technological progress could be made delivering new opportunities in processing industries. Process steps are reduced by leaving out single intermediate crushing stages. Investments are reduced and operating costs are constantly reduced as fewer machines are running for the achievement of the same output.


The development of crushing tools focuses on the grain form and grain size as well as on achieving of an even course of the grading curve. The target granulations are achieved allowing the operator to have maximum control over the process.


Due to the high crushing ratio of the machine the operator obtains higher reserves during the treatment process. This creates more flexibility and new possibilities of crushing the feed material, achieving the desired final product even in case of varying individual feed size. An intelligent and automated drive technology ensures a continuous crushing process.


Economy and environmental protection are connected: Streamlining of the process chain means energy savings and less environmental burden. In the development of our machines we use the latest and most energy-efficient drive technologies adapted to the individual challenge and aligned with each other.