The technology of the SZR series

Sizer redefined

The newly developed SZR series is characterized by its compact design and high productivity. High throughputs can be achieved in a limited space.

The crusher uses the advantages of a patented crushing tool geometry to produce a high quality grain with a high crushing ratio. The mechanically synchronized drive concept is also advantageous, as a result of which the material intake and grain formation are improved.

Diverse use

The compact design of the SZR series allows the crusher to be installed even in confined spaces and, at the same time, a high output can be achieved.

The crushing ratio can be assumed to be up to 1:5, depending on the properties of the feed material.

In addition to crushing mineral rocks, the Sizer can also be used in recycling. A torque-limiting overload system protects the drive against damage.

The advantages at a glance

  1. High crushing ratio
  2. Low fines
  3. Little to hardly any oversized grain
  4. Small footprint
  5. Automated reversing operation with high starting torque
  6. Efficient drive technology
  7. Low noise emissions
  8. Low dust generation

Technical characteristics

Overload protectionintegratedBy torque limiter
Reverse operationautomatedBlockages are resolved by intelligent automation system
Crushing gapfixedA defined grain size range is achieved through the choice of the crushing tools
Crushing toolsQuick-Change-System- Replacement of individual crushing segments
- Replacement of the complete roller
Optional ControlMachine is fully automated- The machine and process can be monitored and adjusted via an operator panel
- Feed and discharge systems can be integrated into the control

Machine sizes of the SZR series (other sizes available on request)

Ø [mm]
Roller Length
Min. Weight
Min. Motor Power
SZR 4005201.000 - 1.500740011/22/32/4520 - 3002 x 37
SZR 5506801.300 - 2.7001360022/32/45/56/80/10070 - 6001 x 132
SZR 7009001.000 - 3.0001880045 - 150200 - 8001 x 200
SZR 9001.3002.000 - 4.000451.20063 - 250300 - 1.0001 x 250
SZR 11001.7002.400 - 4.800751.50080 - 3001.000 - 4.0002 x 250