Trial Run in Hard Rock

Working under toughest conditions

A crusher for all applications

In order to be able to intensively test the technology of the CST series twin roll crusher with the smallest frame size 500, it was installed in a semi-mobile chassis. Feed and removal of the material are included in the installation. A control system developed by Crush + Size Technology connects all modules and enables an efficient control. With this machine a performance of up to 200 t/h with ideal grain quality can be achieved.  

The feed material in this test was grey wake which is one of the hard stones, having a pressure resistance of up to 230 MPa. Until now, twin roll crushers were never or very seldom applied for hard stone. The goal of this test was to prove in a stone quarry that this novel crushing technology of the CST series is able to handle even hard stone. Feed grain with an edge length of up to 1000 mm and a thickness of 400 mm had to be crushed. Crushing forces of up to 80 tons had to be applied in order to achieve the final grain of 0/45 gravel.

During the test runs a crushing ratio of 1:10 for hard grain was achieved. The grading curve is equal containing higher amounts of the large grain fractions as well as sand particles of less than 8%.

Further intense crushing tests with other materials like construction rubble, asphalt and limestone are planned. Although having already tested the crusher with smaller material amounts permanent tests shall underline the operational reliability with these materials. Also a test scenario with metallic foreign bodies in the feed material shall be extensively tested as the CST series is especially designed for such challenges.

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