Railway sleepers and reinforced concrete

Strong performance and clear separation

Goodbye to blockages - steel does not hurt

The CST series is designed to withstand even feed material like concrete with steel reinforcement in the crushing process. A test has successfully proven that railway sleepers and other concrete support elements do not cause serious complications for the crusher. Projections reveal that an amount of 100 tons can be crushed per hour. With a large crusher of the CST series a passing time of 5 seconds per railway sleeper is realistic.

The steel portion is perfectly pressed free from the concrete. At the same time, a high quality recycled material is created and the steel can easily be removed. In very rare cases residual concrete remains on the steel.

Even steel enforcement bars of 16 mm diameter do not cause a problem for the crusher. The geometry of the rolls provides enough free space to press out the steel bars, at the same time achieving a granulation of 0/56 or smaller.

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