Construction rubble becomes frost protection

Frost protection and gravel base layer in one working step according to TL SoB-StB 04

More desired granulate instead of lots of sand and oversized grains

Crush+Size - Brechgut aus Beton

In the processing plants the operators face multistage crushing processes as their daily routine. This comprises circular processes for re-crushing of oversize grain or the second, third or even fourth crushing step in order to reach the desired final grain size. All crushing processes consist of countless pressing impulses acting on the grain. With every pressing impulse sand and powder are produced, also called dust. This undesired side product largely occurs if stones are crushed in a time-consuming and ineffective process until they achieve the desired final grain size.

It is the aim of Crush + Size Technology GmbH & Co. KG to make crushing both more effective and more efficient. For this reason twin roll crushers on the basis of a novel crushing tool are being developed. The geometrical design concept of the crushing tools reaches an exceptionally high crushing ratio of up to 1:12 providing good grain shape quality. As an example, the amount of sand in concrete recycling is reduced by up to 70% while the amount of oversize grain is less than 8%. In field tests these values were confirmed by measurement of samples. A grain curve for a 0/45 frost protection material for example was produced in one cycle directly meeting the requirements of the guideline TL SoB-StB 04, without re-sieving and recirculation of the oversize grain.

For operators of processing plants the investment payback time is short when considering saving one crushing step or achieving a higher amount of high quality grain fraction. Reduction of energy consumption of approx. 50% can be considered as the energy-intensive smaller grain fractions occur on considerably lower levels. Processing oversized grain and sand including the respective costs can become redundant.

The crushers of the CST series offer high quality crushing material regarding grain size and grading curve thus enabling high flexibility in the adaption of the grain size during the crushing process. During the process the crushing gap of the CST crusher can be hydraulically adjusted by means of a control system. Thanks to an intelligent automation of our twin roll crushers machine downtime caused by blockages in the crushing space of the machine belong to the past. Foreign bodies are automatically localized and thrown out by moving one crushing roll from the crushing space. Machine damages are safely prevented by an overload protection system. The performance of more than 100 t / h for the smallest of the crushers of this type is achieved by the intelligent 3D-tool construction and the intelligent and efficient drive concept providing a total efficiency of more than 90%.

Crush + Size Technology offers a test run with your material to give you a chance to check the suitability of the CST crusher for your process. The results of the test run are documented in a grading curve.

The new crushing concept of Crush + Size Technology provides operators new possibilities to make their processes more efficient and effective or to find solutions for applications still missing a suitable crushing concept.

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