Double roll crusher technology redefined

Comminution with a Crush + Size crusher is based on the innovative, patented crushing tool design. It enables the use of very high teeth with a small crushing gap, so that a direct feed of the feed material is ensured with a high crushing ratio at the same time. The oversize grain is effectively avoided in all three dimensions by a crushing chamber limitation and elongated grain formation is prevented.

The innovative design of the Crush + Size crusher results in a relatively low weight-performance ratio. This means that with the same machine weight, a higher crushing capacity is available than with other double roll crushers.

Depending on the feed material and process, the optimal design of the crusher can vary. Crush + Size offers various crusher systems to present the best solution for the respective process.

A crusher for all scenarios

In times of rising energy prices, it is becoming increasingly important to optimize the energy-intensive processes like comminution. The entire drive train of the CST double roll crusher is designed for achieving high efficiency without sacrificing important performance reserves.

Blockages are automatically removed by an intelligent drive control. The double roll crusher is designed in such a way that the rollers can be reversed from standstill with extremely high starting torques. Foreign objects that cannot be crushed are automatically released from the crushing chamber. This is done with the help of the hydraulic gap adjustment, which can open and close the crushing gap fast. In combination with the overload protection, expensive machine damage is effectively avoided.

The combination of all the functional units mentioned enables the operator to cope with different requirements resulting from different properties of the feed material and to ensure uninterrupted production times.

Overview of the benefits

  1. High crushing ratio
  2. Low amount of fines
  3. Little to hardly any oversize material
  4. Hydraulic gap adjustment with overload protection
  5. Automated reversing operation with high starting torque
  6. Efficient drive technology
  7. Low noise emission
  8. Low dust production

Technical charakteristics

Crushing gapAdjustableFlexible adjustment of the crushing gap during production by the control system to run different grain sizes
Overfill protectionIntegratedIf the feed grain is too large, the crushing gap is opened to be able to pull in the coarse material
Overload protectionIntegratedThe loose roller dodges fast and returns automatically into the pre-set gap width
Reversing operationAutomatedBlockages are removed independently
Crushing toolsQuick-Change-SystemExchange of the complete roller in a short time
Control systemMachine is fully automatedMachine and process can be monitored and adjusted via an operator panel, additional feed and withdrawal systems can be integrated into the control system

Selection of DRC-crusher sizes (other sizes available on request)

Type of crusherRoll
Ø [mm]
Roll length
Min. weight
Min. Motor Power
DRC 3504506603.530011/22/3212 - 302 x 15
DRC 4305801,000 - 1,500740011/22/32/4520 - 802 x 37
DRC 5507401,000 - 2,0001360022/32/45/5670 - 3001 x 132
DRC 7009401,000 - 3,0001880045 - 120200 - 8001 x 200
DRC 9001,2901,300 - 3,900451,00063 - 150300 - 1,0001 x 250
DRC 11501,7301,600 - 4,800751,80080 - 3001,000 - 4,0002 x 250
DRC 14002,0702,400 - 4,8001402,200100 - 3001,500 - 8,0002 x 315
DRC 17002,4502,400 - 4,8002002,800120 - 3002,000 - 12,0002 x 400