Contract crushing with mobile roll crushing technology

Our innovative crushing technology based on roll crushers is mobile and can be used at your site. Benefit from the efficient crushing technology in the manufacture of your products.

Areas of application

The following materials can be processed:

  1. Gravel with a feed grain size of < 63 (80) mm
  2. Ballast < 63 (80) mm
  3. Rail track ballast < 63 (80) mm
  4. Rock material with clay deposits < 300 mm
  5. Incineration slag < 63 (80) mm

Goal setting & target grades

The advantages are:

  1. Production of grit and sand with a high proportion of coarse grain
  2. Processing of material with high humidity

Final grain sizes of up to < 8 mm can be produced depending on the feed material.

The following applies to waste incineration slag:

When crushing slag residues with a roller crusher, the foreign matter is efficiently exposed and a higher proportion of the valuable materials can be recovered compared to a process with impact crushing.

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