Based on several own patent applications Crush + Size Technology GmbH & Co. KG manufactures Double Roll Crushers. Crush + Size is especially focused on research and development of crushing roll geometries in order to make crushing more effective and efficient than known in the market today. The technological advantage will help the customers to slim down their usual processes and to tackle new activities.

Development and production from one hand

Based on years of experience in mining and in heavy machine building all components of the double roll crusher are developed in-house.

In cooperation with customers the requirement profile of a CST crusher is continuously developed according to the user experience to optimize the product. In order to build a CST crusher according to customer needs short communication lines and flexibility are of utmost importance.

All machine components of Crush + Size Technology are tailor made by product development, engineering, production and assembly personnel in order to produce a double roll crusher "Made in Germany".

Sustainability for a long partnership

All delivered CST crushers are documented and spare part lists implemented to ensure the correct spare part availability to the customers.  Short-term availability of typical wear parts is self-evident.